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What fabric are the chair covers made from?

Our chair covers come in either a furnishing cotton called Herrinngbone Ticking, a thick cotton brocade or a thick upholstery standard gaberdine fabric. All are of a very high quality and have been carefully selected by us to ensure they meet our very high standards. As they are almost exclusively made from natural fibres, your guests won't have the discomfort that some hot and sticky stretch fabrics can bring, and as the fabric is of upholstery standard thickness, it won't show through the seat's own colours from underneath.

How do I know whether your covers will fit my chairs?

Our covers come in a range of shapes and sizes, and most venues use chairs of a 'standard' shape and size meaning that it is not usually a problem for us to find covers to fit. However, it is important that we have the correct information on what type of chairs your venue uses to enable us to identify what covers we will need to bring to dress your venue, and to alert you early on if we do not think we will be able to accomodate your particular chairs. To do this, we have several checks:
The initial way we check what type of chairs you will be using is to ask you (or we can contact your venue directly and ask them if you would prefer) to describe the chairs at the point of enquiry.



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